LagosJUG Meeting With Heather Vancura Of The Java Community Process

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I thought I’d write about the LagosJUG event, you know make sure the goals and purpose of the event is driven home properly. The event featured 4 speakers delivering critical discussions on tech and open source collaboration.

Keynote speaker was Heather Vancura, Chair of Java Community Process. She gave a detailed overview of the evolution of the Java programming language, whats new in Java 9 and how Oracle has tried hard in making sure the system was open and fair. She also encouraged individuals to identify with their local user groups who in-turn would ensure individuals participate in the collaboration and contribution to the java programming language. Emphasis were also placed on the adopt a JSR initiative. Here is a link to her slide.

Stephen Ugbogu, Head of LagosJUG picked quite a interesting topic to dwell on “Core software design principles”. I’ve got a question for you. How many lines of code should a method have on a standard screen?. I know what you thinking, whats a standard screen? well according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on screen resolu…scratch that! There’s no such thing as a standard screen when it comes to codes, but its all about the method! The moment a method performs more than one action. please start deleting away. want to learn more? download his slides here.
Participants got their hands dirty when Ezewuzie Emmanuel Okafor (someone please call him Wuzie for short!) came on board showing us how to create REST Services using JAX-RS on a glass fish server. Here’s a link to the source codes on github and slides
Lagos Java Users (LagosJUG)The last speaker’s talk was more like a pep talk if you ask me. I should know cause I gave it. I tried encouraging participants on the need to embrace open source projects. Though we are aware of how daunting taking your first steps could be, but lagosJUG is taking steps to ensure everyone, beginners and experts alike are all carried along and to be honest, everyone is learning!.
That said, I’d like to give a shout out to all our sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you Seamfix for the event space, Oracle, and our very own Codeniro. Y’all rock!

That pretty much sums it up 🙂 want to join/sponsor the Lagos Java Users community?, here’s our official twitter handle, do give us a shout out and we’ll be more than happy to connect with you.


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