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“Patrick Curran won’t be coming to Lagos anymore for the tour”, those were the words the Lagos JUG president said and boy did those smiles turn upside down. The Lagos JUG community had prepared for his coming with great expectations. It hurt the excos more than it did the members, we felt it would be a great chance to boost the morale of our members, let them know Oracle/Java depended on them in pushing the Java frontiers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Months after and bam! We are pleased to inform the public that Lagos JUG will be hosting Heather Vancura the new head of jcp (Java Community Process) in Lagos Nigeria.

The event promises to be rewarding, with talks from experienced Java developers in the industry. namely, Stephen Ubogu on “Core software design principles” and Ezewuzie Emmanuel Okafor. Heather Vancura will also be addressing participants at the event.

The Lagos Java User Group has tried hard in encouraging the local community to participate in the development of the Java programming language, be it small or big, I have no doubt that this event will help foster that.

To apply, visit the link, please note that seats are limited and attendance is strictly by invitation.

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