“Patrick Curran won’t be coming to Lagos anymore for the tour”, those were the words the Lagos JUG president said and boy did those smiles turn upside down. The Lagos JUG community had prepared for his coming with great expectations. It hurt the excos more than it did the members, we felt it would be […]

ES6 classes and prototypes

For those of you who come from a object oriented programming language such as Java, C# and the likes, you tend to think about classes! now i’m sure you would all agree that when it comes to classes, Javascript is uh weird?. Today we’ll be looking at one of the significant upgrades to the Javascript […]

Introduction to algorithms using java

Line 3 and 4 basically creates a new array, with an initial size of 20, we later go ahead and limit the fields to be populated to 10. that would do for this tutorial 🙂 Line 7 declares a method called arrayGenerator, arrayGenerator when called, fills the array with random numbers. and finally line 15 […]